6.1.3 Focusing on effectiveness and efficiency of organisational processes

For a third group of VET providers, effectiveness and efficiency of management processes in the organisation plays a central role in their concept of quality. This approach is particularly relevant to VET providers operating in the open market. They need to maintain an efficient organisation of all their services to compete in the market.

For these VET organisations it is mainly the senior management team that assesses implementation of the formalised QMS in place. Here, close coherence between the QMS and concept of quality can be observed: the QMS adopted allows monitoring and improvement of all processes and structural elements in the organisation considered essential for achieving quality. It is important to note that improving effectiveness and efficiency of institutional processes is quite often in full accordance with needs of teachers, trainers and students, as they usually benefit from transparent structures and processes that run smoothly. Teachers and trainers are particularly appreciative when quality management simplifies their daily work.

Reflections on further developments of the QMS are undertaken mainly by the senior management team, which increasingly results in introduction of new electronic information tools to improve effectiveness and efficiency of organisational processes.



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6.1 Find your focus: different approaches of quality

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