Component of a qualification, consisting of a coherent set of knowledge, skills and competences, that can be assessed and validated; or Set of knowledge, skills, and/or competences which constitute a coherent part of a qualification. A unit can be the smallest part of a qualification that can be assessed, transferred and, possibly, certified. It can be specific to a single qualification or common to several qualifications. Comment: the characteristics of units (content, size, total number of units composing a qualification, etc.) are defined by the competent body responsible for the qualification at the appropriate level. The definition and description of units can vary according to the qualifications system and procedures of the competent body. However, the ECVET system proposes to provide for every unit: -its generic title; -the knowledge, skills and competences contained in it; -the criteria for assessment of the corresponding learning outcomes. Source: European Parliament and Council of the European Union, 2009a; Cedefop, 2008.

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