Anyone who fulfills one or more activities linked to the (theoretical or practical) training function, either in an institution for education or training, or at the workplace. Comments: -two categories of trainer can be distinguished: 1.professional trainers are training specialists whose job may coincide with that of the teacher in a vocational training establishment; 2.part-time or occasional trainers are professionals in various fields who take on, in their normal duties, part-time training activity, either in-company (as mentors and tutors of recruits and apprentices or as training providers) or externally (by occasionally offering their services at a training establishment); -trainers may carry out various tasks: training activities; 2.organise and implement these activities; 3.provide the actual training (transfer knowledge, know-how and skills); apprentices develop their skills by providing advice, instructions and comments throughout the apprenticeship. Source: Cedefop, 2004; AFPA 1992.

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