5.1 Cooperation with external stakeholders

For many VET providers, cooperation with external stakeholders and in particular the world of work is part of their daily activities, with varying benefits for quality stemming from different stakeholders:

  1. employers are partners in provision of practical training and an important source of information on workplace-related training needs and adequate responsiveness of training provision;

  2. social partners, chambers and sectoral or professional associations may provide information on the latest trends in the labour market, changing skills needs and concomitant needs for adaptation of curricula;

  3. employment services can support integration of graduates into the labour market and report on employability trends;

  4. cooperation with other providers of education and training opens pathways to further education for students and graduates of VET organisations and promotes in the long run permeability between educational subsystems;

  5. graduates may provide valuable feedback on usefulness of competences students acquire and help make contacts in the world of work and the local community. Durable contacts can be made through alumni associations or regular invitations to social events organised by VET institutions;

  6. contacts with local or regional decision-makers and civil society aim to anchor the institution in its environment, promote its visibility and reputation and improve attractiveness of VET;

  7. cooperation with accreditation bodies must be sought for external recognition of VET institutions.


Box 34. Proposals of the EQAVET recommendation

The EQAVET recommendation emphasises involving external stakeholders and ‘improving the interrelationship between education, training and employment’:

  1. maintaining and increasing responsiveness of VET to labour market needs is the main purpose of fostering external cooperation;

  2. improving the transition from VET to continuing education and training, in particular to higher education;

  3. easing and improving access to VET.



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5.1 Cooperation with external stakeholders

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