The conference offered a good opportunity for participants to exchange experiences about national and international initiatives, whose objective is to support VET institutions by providing them with quality management knowledge and related ICT tools.

Our conference and workshop named „Quality Assurance in Vocational Education" was held on 25th May 2017 in Budapest, in SZÁMALK-Szalézi Vocational School. The event was organized by Trebag Ltd.

The questionnaires distributed gave a chance for participants to assess the event and also to share their opinion on the situation of quality assurance in Hungarian education.


As a core deliverable for the Project, CAPDM (CAPDM Ltd.) organised the Seventh Consultation of VET stakeholders from Scottish Vocational Education bodies and authorities.

The consultation showed how OpenQAsS is making small, but positive, contributions to Quality Management with the VET system, with the resulting discussion focussing on how the results can be integrated and used within the Scottish system.

Inside the project, ICS (ICS Skills Certification Body Of The Irish Computer Society) organised the eigth consultation for VET teachers from the Irish vocational education.

Aim of the Consultation

  • Presentation of Quality Assurance in VET and EQAVET;
  • How can OpenQAsS help?
  • OpenQAsS components: Interactive Manual, EQOS Toolkit and Course with Certification.

The fifth meeting was organised by ICS (ICS Skills) in Dublin. Based on results so far, the Consortium made more progress on the OpenQAsS Toolkit, and finalised IQAM Syllabus. The IQAM Course was further developed based on the agreed syllabus. In reviewing these outcomes, the timetable for the remaining project work was agreed by the Consortium.


The fourth meeting was organised by CAPDM (CAPDM Ltd.) in Edinburgh. After analysing the conclusions both of the online surveys and contact trainings the Consortium should understand the teachers' requirements for correct design and implementation of OpenQAsS Toolkit, IQAM Syllabus and IQAM Course. To achieve this triple purpose, it was considered appropriate to work in 3 collaborative groups, focusing on separate strands to design the main features of IQAM Syllabus, certificate and course content.


Inside the project, UAH (Universidad De Alcala) organised the sixth consultation for steakholders (private, private publicly-funded and public schools) working in the Spanish vocational education.

Aim of the Consultation

  • Presentation of EQAVET and the European project OpenQAsS.

The third meeting was organised by AICA (Associazione Italiana per l'Informatica e il Calcolo Automatico) in Milan. The main conclusion of the preliminary research for the consultation with teachers (studies, presentation) was in accordance with the idea agreed by the partnership in Milan: there are several factors effecting the performance of the school, of the students: the size of the classes, the quality of school management, spending per students, etc., BUT the most significant factor is the quality of teaching staff.

Inside the project, iTStudy Hungary organised the fifth consultation for teachers working in the Hungarian vocational education.

Aims of the Consultation

  • make clear the relation between teachers and quality of teaching, based on original sources of both national and international researches;
  • quality in teaching practice - methods and tools of reflection;

Inside the project, iTStudy Hungary organised the fourth consultation for teachers working in the Hungarian vocational education.

Aims of the Consultation

  • European Union consider using the EQAVET standard as a key issue for Member States’ vocational training institutes: the aim of this consultation is to discuss the actual national situation with the teachers working in vocational education.