E5 - Contact training with VET teachers: The role of teachers in efficiency of education

Inside the project, iTStudy Hungary organised the fifth consultation for teachers working in the Hungarian vocational education.

Aims of the Consultation

  • make clear the relation between teachers and quality of teaching, based on original sources of both national and international researches;
  • quality in teaching practice - methods and tools of reflection;
  • potential of ICT.

All relevant studies, surveys state that most significant factor influencing the quality of a school, the performance of the students are isn't the size of classes, isn't the quality of school management or the spending per students etc., but the quality of TEACHING STAFF, the work quality of TEACHERs.

OpenQAsS team intends to develop an online toolkit to support the quality management activities in the schools. The conclusions of the studies led us to the decision: the teachers will be in the focus of OpenQAsS application. We will implement such functions, which help the teachers to plan and control their class work, to support to gather and process feedbacks, to enable them to constantly reflect on their everyday work.

We selected the most important components of the character, activities and attitudes of a good teachers based on the studies as follows:

  1. Careful lesson planning, perfect classroom management
  2. Teaching methodology (frontal, group work, project based, using ICT, the way of assessment, etc.)
  3. Continuous self-reflection
  4. Behaviour, teachers’ attitudes
  5. Gathering feedbacks from all stakeholder (students, parents, principal, fellows)
  6. Professional development
  7. Collaboration and knowledge sharing with other fellows
  8. Correct documentation - resulting in professional portfolio

The discussion also showed that further work is necessary on supporting teaching practice and training teachers. We have seen enormously good pratcices for using ICT tools both in staff room and classroom.