E9 - Consultation on quality assurance with pedagogues of VET

Our conference and workshop named „Quality Assurance in Vocational Education" was held on 25th May 2017 in Budapest, in SZÁMALK-Szalézi Vocational School. The event was organized by Trebag Ltd.

The aim of the event

  • To show the results developed in the framework of OpenQAsS Erasmus+ project (http://openqass.itstudy.hu/) in a consortium of experts from UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Hungary as well as to present lectures on EQAVET and other QA issues and to show the online platform for the training of QA experts. The event had an interactive, practical part, where participants got introduced to the online course platform and could try it.

The questionnaires distributed gave a chance for participants to assess the event and also to share their opinion on the situation of quality assurance in Hungarian education.


  • interested participants
  • exchange of information and experiences between pedagogues, experts and partners
  • chance to discuss and compare systems on QA
  • dialogue on ICT tools used for quality assessment
  • presentation of online platform
  • teachers as keys for QA and the importance of their further education and help