3. Meeting - Milan

The third meeting was organised by AICA (Associazione Italiana per l'Informatica e il Calcolo Automatico) in Milan. The main conclusion of the preliminary research for the consultation with teachers (studies, presentation) was in accordance with the idea agreed by the partnership in Milan: there are several factors effecting the performance of the school, of the students: the size of the classes, the quality of school management, spending per students, etc., BUT the most significant factor is the quality of teaching staff. This confirmed the Consortium in the idea we agreed in the partner meeting in Milan: the focus of the system should be on supporting the work (lesson planning, self-reflection, etc.) of teacher.

The most important result of the second working phase was the draft concept on OpenQAsS Toolkit: it will be a Pedagogical Quality Management System of Teaching Staff, a web based application offering an own, closed working platform of every teacher, and supporting their daily work.

The aims of the meeting were

  • To elaborate an effective work program for the next two months in order to fulfill all the tasks we planned as we are in some small delay;
  • To start O3 related activities;
  • Discussions on relevant accompanying issues (Quality Management, Evaluation, Dissemination and financial issues).