E4 - Contact training with VET teachers: Quality assurance, quality management in VET

Inside the project, iTStudy Hungary organised the fourth consultation for teachers working in the Hungarian vocational education.

Aims of the Consultation

  • European Union consider using the EQAVET standard as a key issue for Member States’ vocational training institutes: the aim of this consultation is to discuss the actual national situation with the teachers working in vocational education.

In the consultation participated schoolmasters, educators and quality assurance specialists.

We have talked about the relationship of vocational schools and QA:

  • What kind of quality assurance they had in the past
  • What part of legal systems influences the schools QA-system
  • What kind of quality management systems is conceivable in the schools
  • Which functions of QA are relevant for the school
  • Most important: what they think about the usefulness of quality management and which indicators are believed to be the best

Regarding the consultation we met with new aspects and our conceptions was transformed. We discussed about our knowledge of school management system and compared EQAVET indicators with Hungarian national requirements. At the end of consultation we tried to work out a common opinion, and after summarizing the domestic demands how to give assignment to the system developers of OpenQAsS project.