Teachers Requirements against OpenQAsS (IO2) - Study/analysis

The OpenQAsS project aims to develop an open source software toolkit for supporting the management of QA systems in the vocational schools and training providers. The main goal of the second working phase was to carry out a deeper requirement analysis by involving VET teachers from the partner countries, and invite them for discussion on multiplier events. The leader of this working phase was iTStudy Hungary Ltd., who managed the technical implementation and content creation and translation as well. The Consortium elaborated an online questionnaire in four languages. We received altogether 266 samples (HU: 102, ES: 49, IE: 37, IT: 78).

The main activities in implementing O2 are:

  • Development of a QA knowledge repository, and implementation of a multilingual platform for online course and collaboration,
  • Online course and consultation with VET teachers and trainers: http://oqacourse.itstudy.hu/
  • Preparing and establishing an online survey, and statistical analysis of the results that will direct the consequential activities: http://bit.ly/OpenQASS-survey

I risultati dell' "Outcome 2": O2_Teachers_Requirements_against_OpenQAsS.pdf

Read the summary of the activities and results in the 2nd OpenQAsS newsletter  - edited by Mária Hartyányi (from iTStudy Hungary Ltd.).