E8 - Consultation with VET stakeholders in IE

Inside the project, ICS (ICS Skills Certification Body Of The Irish Computer Society) organised the eigth consultation for VET teachers from the Irish vocational education.

Aim of the Consultation

  • Presentation of Quality Assurance in VET and EQAVET;
  • How can OpenQAsS help?
  • OpenQAsS components: Interactive Manual, EQOS Toolkit and Course with Certification.

The discussion allowed participants to clarify aspects that should be taken into further account.


  • The ICS Skills partner Multiplier Event was very well received
  • Attendees had not been aware of he project despite web site coverage and publication of the Country Report
  • Structured QA strateogies in EQOS were appreciated, like PDCA and the the resources repository
  • Lesson planning tools and the Taxonomy wee of less interest
  • High level of interest in the course and certification, but information about access and funding were sought
  • EQAVET was a new concept to most of the teachers, but was welcomed with interest
  • There was a clear request that the course syllabus should reflect the particular requirements of the Irish Qualification and Quality Authority
  • Attendees agreed to be volunteers to help to customise the course once the final OpenQAsS version was produced


  • Supporting systems should not overload the teachers: avoid entering the same information several times becauase tools are not connecting between them
  • Centers have to use some compulsory tools provided by authorities for specific processes (e.g. notification of student`s absence)
  • Quality management activities are allocated to teachers as yet another part of their already heavy workload
  • No resources for maintaining their own systems: centralized online system would be the best option
  • Interest in collecting feedback from students and other stakeholders
  • Self-reflection is OK, but managers are not allowed to supervise such information without a previous agreement with representation of workers