TREBAG Intellectual Property- and Project Manager Ltd.  was established in 1989 as an SME and adult education provider operating the Wellbeing Living Lab since 2010. The Wellbeing Living Lab is about real-life involvement of users in co-creation of Services and future products. TREBAG is devoted to open innovation methods in research and development consultancy, and is working with large companies such as SUZUKI, MALÉV Hungarian Airlines, Invitel among others and SMEs.

They are constantly developing ICT enhanced Solutions, such as founding the project idea and writing the proposal of Openlnn KA3 ICT MP, Trebag was promoter of the Leonardo-project that won a prize on the eFestival in Hungary in 2005 and the European Seal of Excellence in Multimedia prize on the CEEBIT in 2006. As an adult education provider Trebag holds trainings on career management in English for a target group of 20 - 35 years old, trainings with a psychological background on stress-management and self- knowledge, as well as promoting health and active aging programmes for the ageing.

Trebag has experience in European projects and transnational cooperation for 10 years. They have a multidisciplinary character ranging from project foundation to research in LLL and well-being, development of training materials and multimedia Solutions, platform development, dissemination, quality management, organization and management. The company has participated in around 50 projects in LLL in KA4, KA3, Leonardo da Vinci and Grundtvig programs and 5 projects in 4.-5 Framework program.

Trebag elaborated and organized the "Polus-Consumer" award in 2002-2006, and was consultant company of Hoedlmayer Rt. in the 2003 Hungarian Quality Award, both of these activites were using TQM methods.