Module 3 RUN


In the first two modules we learnt about the concept of PDCA cycle. In this module we will understand how it works in the practice: how should be the activities monitored and evaluated based on the strategic and annual operative plans, how can we measure the results. We will understand why is the last phase of the PDCA cycle so important, and how to organise the reaction and to prepare for changes in order to the continuous improvement.

Title: Operating an Institutional Quality Assurance System


3.1 Methodologies, evaluation approaches and ICT-tools for data collection

3.2 The Quality Cycle (PDCA) in practice

3.3 Self-assessment and feedback

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the module the participant will be able to:

  • use the appropriate measuring instruments and ICT tools required for the CHECK stage of the PDCA cycle;
  • prepare, organize and implement regular measurements, and process collected data with ICT-tools;
  • facilitate dissemination of results to stakeholders, promote discussion, draw conclusions and consider the need arising;
  • identify and implement regular yearly self-evaluation methods and tools required for both teachers and institution;
  • set up internal and external communication tasks related to the institutional QMS, and work to improve their efficiency.